Exceptional Care, Outstanding Service

At Vanderveen Hay Sales, we strive to provide a large assortment of fresh, top-grade products at suitable, affordable prices for every owner and budget.

Fast & Efficient Delivery Service

Whether it’s 1 or 100 tons, we got you covered!

We offer delivery service for hay, grain and bedding from the lower mainland to Vancouver Island & Sunshine Coast.

Our trucks hold from 1-30 tons depending on your needs and our experienced drivers will stack your hay in a loft, shed or however you require.



Stop by our Retail Store

Whether it’s hay, feed, supplies or more, you can find it
in our stores.

Visit our retail store to purchase hay, book a delivery and browse our large selection of feed, supplies, supplements and much more.

We carry special brands such as Otter Co-op and Hi-Pro Step feed. We also provide a variety of dog, cat and horse food, treats and supplements. Please see our Resources page for a list of products brands.