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At Vanderveen Hay Sales, we strive to provide a large assortment of fresh, top-grade products at suitable, affordable prices for every owner and budget. Our experienced team selects and finds the greatest quality hay at the greatest prices.



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Here at Vanderveen Hay Sales, we try to accommodate as many people (and animals!) as we can. At the same time we strive to keep fresh, quality feed and products. When it comes to hay we carry a large assortment suitable for every owner and budget (please see our products for current prices and availability). For our bagged feed selection we carry Otter co-op and feeds as well as hay cubes and triple cleaned whole oats (please see a general list of different animal feeds we carry under our products). We also carry bagged shavings and Eagle Valley bedding and stove pellets.

We offer a delivery service of hay, grain and bedding from here to Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast. Our trucks hold from 1 ton to 30 tons depending on your needs. Our drivers are very experienced and will stack your hay in a loft, shed or wherever you need. Please call for current delivery rates.


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